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Founder of Knight Time Training

Coaching Experience: Katie has been a coach and personal trainer for over 5 years. She has worked in big CrossFit boxes as well as in the corporate health and wellness industry for companies such as Google and Oracle. She works with clients one on one all over the country helping them reach their health and fitness goals for life and for compeition.

Athlete Experience: Katie currently competes in strength events and ultramarathons as a hybrid athlete. She was crowned 2021 World's Toughest Mudder Champion as well as 2022 Go Ruck Games Champion. She uses her knowledge and skills as an athlete and trainer to help prepare clients to crush their races and events. Katie was also a three sport varisty athlete in high school and went on to play ice hockey in college.

Certifications: NASM CPT, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, CrossFit-L1, CrossFit Kids and Teens


Step 1: Join Knight Time Training. Get access to our training programs through our workout app, our online Facebook community group, and coming soon purchase training guides for sport specific events and fitness goals!

Step 2: Pick your Adventure! Choose which workout program is best for you and your goals. If you want a more customized program, visit our personal training page to learn more.

Step 3: Get ready to crush your goals, race, or compeition. Start training hard and seeing results in how you look, feel, and perform!

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